I  would like to thank Slammer Tennis World for the fun tennis sessions I had this summer.  I've never played tennis before and had always wanted to learn the sport. I just don't know where and how to start . When I saw that Slammer Tennis World is offering an adult beginner tennis program, I decided to sign up for it.  For someone that's entirely brand new, this is both exciting and intimidating! I didn't know what to expect during the first day of lesson.  Luckily, the director of the program, Coach Marvin put me at ease. He was an excellent and supportive coach. He explained and demonstrated all the basic tennis techniques and made learning tennis fun. He was also very patient with brand new students.   I highly recommend Slammer Tennis World to anyone who wants to learn the sport!



Christine S

Christine S

I have watched Marvin work with the kids over the years and have seen his dedication to them and to the sport of tennis. His joy and enthusiasm shine in everything he does on the court. His programs and he are a true blessing to the City of Norwalk. Well done, Marvin!




Larry A. (2018)

Coach Marvin –
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach a middle aged woman the game of tennis.Thanks to your easy going and patient demeanor, it made learning tennis fun and I feel that I can get out on that court and not embarrass myself.  Your program works because you are a true “teacher” of the sport. You know the game and extend that knowledge to the fullest. I will continue to practice to get better and I know that Slammer Tennis will continue to motivate people of all ages to pick up a racket and enjoy the game, whether your using a Penn 1 or not!
All the best!
Fran R.

Fran R (May 2018 Adult Tennis)